2021 PodiatryNZ Formthotics Awards

The Formthotics awards evening recognized and celebrated members who demonstrate leadership, collegiality and excellence in the podiatry profession

We were honoured to have been asked to be involved with the inaugural Podiatry NZ Formthotics awards, which were presented at the 2021 Podiatry NZ conference in Rotorua over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of June. Having been active in and supportive of the podiatry profession in New Zealand for 40 years, Formthotics jumped at the chance to be involved in this great initiative. There is so much to celebrate in the New Zealand podiatry sector, and this brought a wonderful opportunity to shine a light on the leaders, and future leaders, in the profession. Having been invented in New Zealand and manufactured here, right from the start, Formthotics are the logical choice for New Zealand clinicians, when choosing a customisable, pre-fabricated orthotic device. Customer satisfaction guarantee, next-day delivery, and outstanding customer service mean that clients who start using Formthotics remain with Foot Science International forever.

Formthotics Excellence Award- Resonance Podiatry

Recognising the individual or organisation who exemplifies excellence in service, quality and professionalism in podiatry

The Formthotics Excellence Award is to recognize an individual, or organization which embodies excellence in every aspect of podiatry. From the patient experience to the way they treat their team.

Given the changes that are currently happening in the podiatry profession, it seems extremely fitting that this award is going to an organization that is leading the way in the quest for excellence and accountability.

This company has been through the Allied Health Service standards audit, not once, but three times! Voluntarily taking on the process of preparing a practice for audit, is a big ask. It can be costly and time-consuming. So, to do so shows a total commitment to improvement and a desire for excellence. This organisation is now at the leading edge of the profession as it moves into a new phase within the allied health sector, which you will be hearing more about tomorrow.

This organisation is all about customer experience and a large part of that comes by way of team training and development. For the patient to be satisfied, the podiatrists must feel fulfilled in their career, as well as having carefully honed skills, the latest technology and regular access to the latest research.

Life Time Membership Award- Caron Orelowitz

Life memberships are presented by the Board of PodiatryNZ to members who have provided long and sustained service to the profession and to PodiatryNZ

Caron is motivated by her desire to help improve the lives of patients.

After 13 years on the board, Caron was going to stand down in March 2020. Due to COVID and the need for PodiatryNZ to respond to the needs of members, Caron maintained her position and was instrumental in developing and delivering an educational program, over the lockdown period, of 22 online webinars.

Those who have worked with Caron say she has a persistent determination to know everything there is to know about podiatry and then she shares that knowledge with her colleagues.

But wait there is more, we are immensely proud that this year Caron has been recognised as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen?s Birthday Honours for her service to podiatry. She is the very first podiatrist to be honoured this way and we are thrilled.

Life Time Membership Award- Roger Grech

Life memberships are presented by the Board of PodiatryNZ to members who have provided long and sustained service to the profession and PodiatryNZ

Roger is a private practice podiatrist who also works in the Secondary Care setting with Diabetes Patients. Over his career, he has had a major impact on not only graduate podiatrists through his mentoring but all the other health professionals he comes into contact with. He is respected and seen as a credible and well-respected health professional who puts podiatry in the spotlight (in a good way) within the health sector. A real champion of the profession, a tireless advocate and a supporter of all. Roger is a font of all knowledge and willingly gives his time to encourage and mentor anyone who needs him.

Life Time Membership Award- Ben Lamb

Life memberships are presented by the Board of PodiatryNZ to members who have provided long and sustained service to the profession and PodiatryNZ

When you hear the name, you probably think Sports and Biomechanics, however, there is so much more to Ben Lamb. He has been a member of PodiatryNZ since he graduated (last century), joined the Board in 2011 and was appointed chair in 2014  he held that position until October 2020. For a small profession, the role of Chair requires commitment and leadership. Ben has provided that in spades. He made the job look effortless when we know it is not! He has tackled big and difficult issues which have benefited podiatrists who work in all sectors of the profession. Primary and Secondary as well as aged and general care, including those who have Community, ACC and High-Risk contracts. Whatever the issue, Ben has looked for opportunities to advance the quality of and access to podiatry.

Rising Star Award- Barbara Powell

Recognising a new entrant (less than 5 years? experience) in the podiatry profession

A fantastic colleague and a tremendous advocate for her clients, always striving to get the best outcome for her clients. Her interpersonal skills are next-level, and she is known for her ability to develop relationships between and across all the areas and departments she works in. Originally, she trained as an anaesthetic technician, her new colleagues are thrilled that she decided to change careers. Proving that your star can always rise, we recognise Barabara Powell as the recipient of the Rising Star Award.

Collegiality Award- Adam Philps

PodiatryNZ embraces the concepts of sharing, helping and working together to advance the profession

Truly passionate about Podiatry and the business of Podiatry. This recipient takes a big view and loves to engage with his Pod colleagues globally. Adam promotes and engages with the profession on many levels large and small and never lets a chance go by. On a professional note, Adam employs three Podiatrists and puts a big effort into supporting and encouraging them.

Leadership Award- Lawrence Kingi

This award recognises an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in clinical professional practice

Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things, this year’s recipient is an incredible mentor to many. Due to his humility, we will never know the true breadth of his reach. He takes his podiatry knowledge seriously and at work has helped create a pathway to assist clinical staff and patients. He has been a member of the Podiatrists Board since 2015. His views and understanding are invaluable to the profession. He is an insightful man who steps up and stands out with a quiet strength and mana.


Ben Lamb Sports Award- Chris Gates

Recognising a person who represents the vision of Sports Accreditation

Chris has demonstrated a commitment to lifelong learning and clinical excellence. Chris has been treating the people of New Zealand in Dunedin, Wellington and Nelson for over 40 years. A keen runner himself, Chris has excelled in the newly accredited specialism of sports podiatry.