Formthotics Masterclass

With Dr Bob Eckles DPM and Richard van Plateringen

During the two-day Formthotics Masterclass, Dr Bob Eckles will help take your patient assessment skills to the next level of detail and accuracy. You will be taught how to zoom in on the root causes of symptoms you may see every day. Then you will be guided through the all-important process of designing and creating a pair of orthoses which will reflect your clinical reasoning, accurately and neatly. It won’t stop there, either. You will be taught how to manage failure as a positive process, leading towards improved patient outcomes.

During the course, you will also improve your skills in essential functional muscle testing and rehabilitation techniques, to improve your orthotic therapy results. You will get to practice some popular strapping techniques, which can be used to provide temporary relief from the pain of injury. We will be comparing different types of modern running shoes, their impact on the body, and how orthoses should be designed to take into account different shoe characteristics.

This event is designed for the New Zealand podiatrist of all level of experience that currently using Formthotics in their practice, who would like to improve their practical podiatry skills. To learn more, please contact Steve at

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All About The Formthotics Masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is this event designed for?
New Zealand podiatrists, of all levels of experience, currently using Formthotics in their practice, who would like to improve their practical skills.


What’s going to happen in these two days?
1. Classroom

  • Learn and improve your patient assessment skills
  • Functional muscle testing and rehabilitation techniques and strategies
  • Useful strapping techniques
  • Different shoe-types and how to complement them with orthoses


2. Lab

Take what you learned in the assessment class and produce a professional pair of Formthotics, which will achieve the desired outcomes, using sheet foam and glue. This section will take place in the lab at AUT and utilize the grinders


Why should you attend?

  • Increase your confidence in the lab
  • Network with, and learn from, other medical professionals
  • Take your orthotic therapy skills to the next level
  • CPD points


Where is the masterclass held?
The course will take place at AUT’s North Campus in Auckland.


Who will be the facilitators?
Dr Bob Eckles

The Medical Director for Foot Science International. Dr Eckles has over 40 years of podiatry experience. He is a former Associate Dean of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and former Residency Director of Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery, Metropolitan Hospital in New York. Dr Eckles will join other experts in the field to bring this course to you.

Richard van Plateringen

The Director of Dunedin Podiatry. Richard has been in private practice for over a quarter of a century. During that time, he has also lectured at universities and facilitated numerous Formthotics courses. Richard will be sharing some of his unique skills, including foot mobilization and strapping.


How much is the course?
The heavily subsidized price of $350 + Booking fees & GST. The price includes all training, materials, and catering.
*If Covid prevents the course from running, or you need to cancel your place on the course, we will provide a full refund of any monies paid in advance. Terms and condition applies.


Introduction On Dr Bob Eckles DPM

This year we had the great pleasure of welcoming Dr Bob Eckles DPM, MPH, to our team, as Clinical Director.

Dr Eckles was Associate Dean and the Director of the 3-year post-graduate Foot and Ankle Surgery Residency Program at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. He joined the faculty in 1997 and was there until earlier this year when he and his wife moved to New Zealand. Bob first trained as a podiatrist at the California College of Podiatric Medicine in 1983, having already completed a BA and a Masters in Public Health.

Today, Bob is thrilled to be associated with FSI and to work to advance the cause and science of foot and leg mechanics. In his words “Foot and leg mechanics is one thing that distinguishes podiatrists in the health care economy: the unique expertise which should inform foot surgery, wound care and sports medicine and of which we should truly be loud and proud to own.”- Bob Eckles

We are very excited to have Bob on the Foot Science team and look forward to sharing his expertise with you.

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Introduction On Richard van Plateringen

Richard Van Plateringen is the director of Dunedin Podiatry. He has more than 35 years of experience as a clinical podiatrist in New Zealand and England. Richard has been in private practice for over a quarter of a century.

He has also lectured at universities and facilitated numerous Formthotics courses during that time. He has moved from doing sports podiatry patient management by using orthotics therapy as a baseline treatment with the ultimate goal of using orthoses as a temporary part of a wider treatment plan. Other treatment modalities include manual therapy, strengthening programs, patient-directed strapping, and exercise/movement modification.

He has presented at many conferences, day seminars, and workshops on manual therapy techniques for the foot and ankle and worked for Foot Science International, sharing his knowledge and skills in the “Entering the Footzone” courses.

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