About Us

“Proud to be a pod” has been launched in New Zealand by Foot Science International, the creators of Formthotics, to celebrate the work that podiatrists do and create a central place where they can come to share ideas, read the latest research and connect with other proud podiatrists.

The first order of business for “Proud to be a Pod” has been to work with the podiatry profession to create the PodiatryNZ Formthotics Excellence Awards. The inaugural awards dinner and ceremony are being held at the 2021 Podiatry NZ conference in Rotorua in June 2021. We are proud to be a part of this celebration of excellence, leadership and collegiality in the New Zealand podiatry profession.

A key vision for the “Proud to be a Pod” team is to help foster a greater sense of collective pride in the profession, which will infuse New Zealand society and encourage bright young people to choose podiatry as a profession.

As New Zealand’s first designer and manufacturer of prefabricated orthoses, Foot Science International has been working with podiatrists to treat people’s pain and keep them active for 40 years. We recognize that New Zealand podiatrists do a valuable and skilful job. So, we want to do everything we can to move the profession forwards.

Foot Science International works closely with PodiatryNZ and AUT to assist with their mission of training, mentoring and developing the next generation of podiatrists. We have created extensive online learning content, and we hold face to face training around the world.

Check out our Formthotics Medical website to see how you can develop your knowledge and skills with the Foot Science International educational materials.

Meet Steve Lafferty

Want to know more about Formthotics? Steve is here to help you build your knowledge with?”in-service” sessions.

Since its foundation, Foot Science International has invested in research and product development for customisable orthoses to help keep people active. We aim to aid in continued education around the world. We believe making education available to everyone is the most impactful thing we can do to alleviate the pain associated with lower limb and musculoskeletal conditions.

In New Zealand, Steve, our Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific, has been successfully sharing his information and knowledge on Formthotics with “in-service” sessions.

Topics covered in Steve’s sessions are:

  • How prefabricated orthoses work
  • Basic biomechanics and common issues
  • What makes Formthotics so effective
  • How you can use Formthotics as part of your treatment plans

Attendees can expect a refresher on lower limb biomechanics, some of the latest research in orthotic therapy and how Formthotics can be used to treat a variety of foot and leg conditions. Sessions include a review of the Formthotics range of orthoses and additions and how to select the appropriate ones for your patients. Generally, the session duration is one hour and will leave attendees feeling more confident to use Formthotics in their practice.

There is no charge for these and can be booked by contacting Steve, Steve@formthotics.co.nz